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Calling Cards for Somalia

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Calling Rates for Somalia

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  • telephone
  • Landline

    26 mins | 19p/min

  • phone
  • Mobile

    18 mins | 27p/min

*valid for 30 days

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  • telephone
  • Landline

    52 mins | 19p/min

  • phone
  • Mobile

    37 mins | 27p/min

*valid for 60 days

20% OFF


  • telephone
  • Landline

    105 mins | 19p/min

  • phone
  • Mobile

    74 mins | 27p/min

*valid for 90 days

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Why use THCC?

For over 25 years, Talk Home calling cards have connected loved ones worldwide through fast, reliable communication services.

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  • Availability

    Outlet stores spread throughout the UK

  • Affordability

    Competitive international calling rates

  • Coverage

    Connectivity to 240+ destinations worldwide

  • Reliability

    Uninterrupted, crystal-clear communication

  • Fast Top Up

    Easily top up your card on the go

  • Reward

    Earn points and claim for free minutes

THCC cards
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Why Choose Rechargeable Calling Cards?

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Popular Calling Destinations Worldwide

Unlimited call minutes to your favourite country – Talk Home calling cards offer you the best international call rates.







Sierra Leone


Dominican Republic

South Africa

Sri Lanka


Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We’re here to assist you with all the frequently asked questions.

The Talk Home Calling Card is a disposable card. When the credit is used up, the card will no longer be valid and can be thrown away. When purchased online, you will receive a PIN number only. Use this PIN number with an access number. Each time you purchase a calling card you will receive a new PIN.

The Talk Home Rechargeable Calling Card is a non disposable card. The PIN number and card are registered to you and are yours to keep. When purchased online you will receive a Rechargeable Calling Card in the post and an email confirming your card details so you can start calling straight away. When the initial credit on your card runs out you can top up your card online or in stores displaying the PayPoint sign.

Top Ups available

where you see these signs:

  • payment-methods
  • payment-methods
  • payment-methods
  • payment-methods

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