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100M+ international calls since 1996 & counting. Buy a Talk Home calling card today.

Fast Recharge

  • £5
  • £10
  • £15
  • £20

Connect Better with Talk Home Calling Cards

Enjoy zero hidden charges, redeemable reward points & superior call quality when you connect with your loved ones.



Classic Calling Card


  • The classic Talk Home calling card
  • Excellent international call quality
  • Zero hidden fees – you pay for what you get
  • Over 240 destinations supported
  • Available in £5,£10 &£20
  • Valid for 60 days


Rechargeable Calling Card


All the Classic features, plus:

  • Your card credit never expires
  • You win redeemable reward points
  • Redeem reward points for free minutes
  • Single rechargeable PIN for life
  • Recharge anytime, anywhere with ease

The Calling Card That Started It All

Since 1996, Talk Home has connected millions of people in the UK reliably with their loved ones back home. Here are some stories that show who we are.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

New to Talk Home? This 3-step guide shows how easy it is to get connected using our international calling cards.

Buy a Talk Home Card

Buy your card & we’ll email you details regarding PIN and access number.

Dial Access & PIN Number

Dial the access number and input your PIN to make an international call.

Dial Your Destination Number

Next, dial your destination number in the international dialling format.

Buy a Talk Home Card

Buy your card & we’ll email you details regarding PIN and access number.

Win Redeemable Reward Points on Every Recharge

The more you call, the more you win. Recharge & win reward points. Redeem your points to win free credit and call anywhere in the world.


25 Points


50 Points


75 Points


100 Points

You win 100 additional points when you buy your rechargeable calling card the first time.

The Calling Card Brand That Actually Cares

We care for our customers – and it shows. Read some of our many reviews on Trustpilot below.

The only card I use to call back home. Amazing customer service and the quality of call is really good. I’ve been using talk home for around 15 years! Yes correct 15 years and have always been so happy. You get so much minutes and it seems the credits never expire. Thank you so much talk home your one of the biggest and oldest in the calling card game!!


Jason Kay

United Kingdom

Always easy to buy online. Great customer service. They responded to my email on time when I had an issue of not receiving my pin after I entered the wrong email.You get more minutes when making calls unlike other cards I’ve used in the past.past. I’ve used talk home for years to call family in Africa and have never experienced any issues.



United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers.

A calling card is a credit card-sized plastic or paper card used to pay for telephone services, often international or long-distance calling.

It is not necessary to have the physical card – all you need is the access number to dial and your PIN.

Calling cards employ a prepaid credit system. If a card allows consumers to add funds to the card, it is a refillable card and will usually have permanent PIN.

Calling cards provide a more economic means of making international calls. Their calling rates are considerably cheaper than other services and the call quality is not compromised as the call is connected via local lines.

The Talk Home calling card is available in two categories: Classic and rechargeable.

When you purchase a Classic card, it has limited credit that once used, cannot be recharged. You will be emailed a PIN that is required when making a call, along with the card access number. Every card has its own unique PIN number.

The rechargeable calling card is non-disposable. When you purchase, it comes with its own PIN. Both the card and PIN are registered to you specifically. Every time you make a call, you will use the same PIN and access number.

If you run out of balance, you can recharge instantly via an e-terminal or online on our website using your PayPal or any bank card.

With the Talk Home rechargeable card, you also earn points with every call. Redeem them for amazing offers and talk for free!

To buy an international calling card, you have one of the four options:

Purchase calling card online

You can buy a Talk Home calling card online on our website.

Click here if you’d like to buy the Classic card.

Click here if you’d like to buy a Rechargeable calling card.

Enter your email address and payment details at the checkout. You can use either PayPal or any credit card. Once payment is processed, you will instantly receive an email with your card PIN and other useful details.

Purchase calling card via phone

If you would prefer, you can purchase a Talk Home Calling Card using our phone service.

If you’re calling from the UK, dial 03309930120.

When purchasing from your mobile phone, you can use your credit/debit card to complete the transaction.

You will receive your PIN via SMS no longer than 5 minutes after you’ve completed your transaction.

Purchase calling card in-store

There are over 27,000 outlets across the UK where you can buy physical Talk Home Calling Card vouchers.

Visit one of the stores displaying a PayPoint, E-Pay or PayZone terminal sign and purchase your Talk Home calling card vouchers. The voucher has your PIN, and the access numbers you need to dial printed on it as well as instructions on how to use your calling card.

Purchase calling card from e-terminals

Talk Home Calling Cards are available with PayPoint, E-Pay and Pay Zone e-terminals. There are over 27,000 terminals across the UK where you can buy Talk Home Calling Card PIN via terminals.

Simply visit one of the stores that display a terminal sign and ask at the till for a talk home calling card, if you can buy it, the cashier will print your voucher for you. The voucher has your PIN Number and access numbers printed on it as well as instructions on how to use your calling card.

The PIN is issued to your account within 3 minutes of making your purchase. If you cannot find the message, double-check the email you registered with on the Talk Home website. Sometimes, there is also a chance that it was sent to your Junk Mail or Spam folder. If you still cannot see it, contact us at, or dial 0330 993 7339.

Signing up is a quick, easy process that requires only your email address and a password. To sign up, click here to get started.

You will receive a message asking you to confirm your email. Follow the instructions for verification.

Once your account is set up, you can easily login any time, top up your account, access usage history, as well as check your balance.

Top Ups available where you see these signs:

Talk Longer for Less with Rechargeable Calling Cards

  • Your card credit never expires
  • You win redeemable reward points
  • Redeem reward points for free minutes
  • Single rechargeable PIN for life
  • Recharge anytime, anywhere with ease